From manufacturing facilities and industrial workspaces to country cottages and ski retreats, one thing is certain: With wintertime snow and ice come an increased risk of slips, trips, and falls. In fact, injuries resulting from such slips top the list of common culprits for workplace injuries, especially in high-traffic areas.

Weather, or Not

As temperatures dive and frosty conditions creep into our everyday environments, emergency room visits rise. In fact, according to OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration), accidents resulting from slips, trips, and falls are only second to motor vehicle accidents as the most common cause of occupational fatalities.

Winter foot traffic, both indoor and out, is frequently challenged by disruptive conditions, including:

  • Loose salt and gravel
  • Black ice
  • Frosted and frozen surfaces
  • Wet indoor floors and puddles
  • Obstacles shrouded or obscured by snow
  • Snow and ice buildup
  • Weather-damaged pavement, sidewalks, and pathways

Snowy, Icy Stairs Can Cause Serious Injury

Slip Safety Solutions

Salt, grit, gravel, and chemical ice melts all provide quick, immediate sidewalk safety solutions, but they cannot ensure lasting safety. For a more permanent surface treatment with indoor/outdoor versatility, many building managers and homeowners choose to install floor and stair materials that can be incorporated in high-risk areas such as kitchens, garages, train stations, loading platforms, ferry docks, and entryways.

Below are a few such solutions:

  • Non-slip and high visibility stair treads for ice and other hazardous conditions offer year-round safety in a wide range of environments.
  • Increased illumination and integrated lighting in otherwise naturally lit areas enhance visibility.
  • Anti-slip coatings, paints, and surface treatments offer high reliability, allowing for enhanced friction and grip in high-traffic areas and during inclement weather.
  • Safety gratings and stair nosing create sturdy base surfaces for climbing.

Custom Safety Programs for Your Space

Be safe this winter! Regular cleaning practices decrease the risk of puddling, snow buildup, and heavy icing. Introducing in-house safety programs, information sessions, posters, and signage can also help keep patrons and employees alert and aware of their surroundings, allowing for safer movement and travel while decreasing liability risks and costs. Even seemingly small choices, like instructing workers to wear weather-sensible shoes, can be a huge help in keeping everyone safe this season.

Both commercial and residential environments can benefit from the installation of integrated non-slip materials. Safety treads and coatings can be readily incorporated in new stairway construction, renovations, large-scale work environments, private homes, outdoor spaces, storage facilities, and so much more.

The specialists at Amstep Products have led the industry in non-skid and anti-slip solutions for over 100 years, providing some of the most durable safety products in the world. Our inventory is stacked with ways to keep your walkways secure and safe. Our range of products — which includes stair nosing, aluminum stair treads, stair treads for concrete steps, non-slip coatings, and high-visibility treads — can be used on all types of stairs, platforms, decks, and high-slip surfaces in the winter months.

To consult with one of our engineers or find a custom solution for your space, reach out to the team today — and remember, slow down and step carefully this season!

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