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Aluminum Stair Treads & Nosing


The use of aluminum stair treads and aluminum stair nosing provide an excellent risk-reduction solution, and the low cost of the material means your installations will be budget-friendly. Indoor and outdoor treads can benefit from the use of the material, and owners ensure that they are minimizing the risks associated with stairs.



Benefits of Aluminum

Some of the benefits of using aluminum include:

  • Durability which comes from the use of aircraft-grade aluminum. This provides a long lifespan with low cost and weight.
  • Aluminum’s durability also means that the material is useful in either low or high traffic areas.
  • Suitability for indoor or outdoor use comes from aluminum. Building owners can implement aluminum stair treads on any staircase, eliminating the need for different types of treads.
  • Customizing steel stair treads and nosing is simple, due to the properties of aluminum. Regardless of the size or shape of stairs, an aluminum tread can be fabricated to meet your needs.
  • Easy installation through anchor bolts or extruded anchors means that there will be minimal disruption during the installation of new or replacement stair treads.
Stamford train stairway, with our high-visibility sightline stair treads

Decreasing Accidents By Increasing Safety

When it comes to stair treads, building operators cannot afford to compromise durability and reliability. Every year, more than 10,000 accidents involving stairs are reported and have resulted in either injury or death. Minimizing the risk of these injuries is a key concern whether the application is for industrial, residential or municipal buildings.

Reliable aluminum stair treads and stair nosings are a key factor in the risk reduction of stairs. Ensuring that you use the best material for the job will give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you have provided every safety measure to protect the people who use your building.

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