Treads & Nosing for Composite Stairs

Amstep Products increases your ground’s safety factor for all users.

The use of composite decking and stairs is on the rise, especially in residential applications. Commercial properties, like hotels, apartment buildings, and condominium complexes, are also taking advantage of this long-lasting building material. However, this material can be just as slippery as any other when exposed to ice, snow, rain, and even oil or grease. It’s crucial to ensure the safety of your visitors by installing non-slip treads on your composite stairs.

Amstep Products anti-slip treads and nosing are the perfect solution for composite stairs and decking. Every series offered is composed of extruded aircraft grade aluminum and an abrasive composite built to withstand the elements. And for areas with extremely heavy foot traffic, like mass transit systems, or environments where oil and grease could be a hazard, we offer the Series 700 stair tread which provides premium protection. Choose from a number of different colors and options such as glow-in-the-dark or high-visibility contrast.

Protecting Outdoor Composite Deck Stair Treads

Improving the grip of outdoor stairs is critical to preventing accidents and injuries. Slips and falls on any property can be hazardous. Falls can cause serious injuries and sometimes even lead to death. It is the responsibility of employers and commercial property owners to ensure the protection of their employees and customers from slips and falls on the premises by having measures in place to keep the stairs safe. One of the simplest safety measures that a business can take is to install anti-slip composite stair treads.

There are a variety of styles and sizes of non-slip treads available from Amstep Products so you don’t have to compromise the look and feel of your composite decking or staircases. Our non-slip stair treads are high quality and can be used in residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Amstep Products are long-lasting and versatile, and can be found installed in marine vessels, sports stadiums and subway systems. See our case studies page for more examples.

What Makes Aluminum Better Than Other Anti-Slip Options?

Non-slip solutions for composite stair treads can be made from a number of different materials including rubber, wood, carpet and vinyl. The problem with these other options is that none meet the durability or reliability of aluminum, especially in commercial settings. Even light foot traffic can cause carpet to wear quickly. Rubber and vinyl soften and harden in hot and cold weather, respectively. And even wood cannot withstand environmental elements quite like aluminum.

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