Treads & Nosing For Metal Stairs

Amstep Products increases your ground’s safety factor for all users.

Amstep Products non-slip metal stair treads are designed to ensure safety and prevent employees from slipping or falling while using metal stairs. With over 100 years in non-slip metal tread manufacturing, Amstep products are durable, efficient and help safeguard your workers.

Protecting Metal Stairs

There are different types of non-slip treads for metal stairs, each adaptable and suitable for your respective commercial and industrial needs. Some of the more popular anti-slip treads include:

This anti-slip tread for metal stairs can be used for many applications, including remodeling and renovating existing staircases. If your stairs have become worn out or you’re simply looking to add features like glow-in-the-dark strips or contrasting colors for better visibility, our Series 300 is a suitable option. The tread covers between 3 to 5 inches and is adaptable to several surfaces including metal, concrete, terrazzo, and wood.

Amstep Products Series 500 metal stair treads feature the same extruded aluminum used in each of our products, but covers between 8 to 11 inches of stair tread depth. This series, as well as many of our other offerings, are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Its durable, anti-slip composition means it’s well suited to increased traffic and durability. As far as commercial metal stair treads go, the Series 500 combines aesthetics and dependability. The tread is compatible for use with metal, wood, terrazzo and even concrete stairs.

When it comes to anti-slip steps for high-traffic areas, our Series 700 stair treads reign supreme. While perfectly suited for outdoor mass transit areas, these stair treads are also adaptable for indoor use. Dirt-resistant and easy to clean, the 700 series comes in different sizes ranging between 8 to 11 inches, as well as a variety of color options.

How to Choose the Best Metal Stair Treads

When choosing what to purchase for your metal stair treads, there are several factors to consider, including safety, durability, and style. Arguably, the most important aspect is safety.

A top option for protecting metal stairs is aluminum stair treads or nosing. Other materials like rubber, vinyl, and carpet are not ideal or just plain won’t work for metal stairs. Extruded aluminum with specialized anti-slip composite provides maximum traction, and therefore, maximum safety for a set of metal stairs.

Durability is another important factor. Aluminum treads and nosings are very durable—almost as durable as the metal stair treads or steel stair treads that they’ll be mounted over. Once installed, you will rest easy for years and years. You won’t need to replace them every few years and incur the costs of removal and reinstallation, or the inconvenience of having to restrict stairway access while doing so.

Another factor is style, which is less vital, but also something to consider for aesthetic purposes. There are several stair tread materials to choose from, including rubber, vinyl, and various metals, but you’ll find aluminum is the best choice, especially for commercial and industrial applications.

Metal Stair Treads and Nosings

Paramount Protection for Your Metal Stair Treads

As a provider of commercial stair safety products, Amstep offers custom-sized metal stair treads composed of aircraft-grade aluminum and an abrasive compound for the ultimate in slip and fall protection. Amstep’s custom-tailored stair treads are the perfect addition to any set of stairs. They are extremely safe, extremely durable and come in many colors. They are currently in place in a range of locations from mass transit, business, housing, restaurants, and schools, as well as, multi-dwelling units.

Safe, non-slip metal stair treads are critical in industrial, commercial and residential settings, particularly where there’s lots of movement, liquid, or other factors affecting the grip of the step. Anti-slip stair treads from Amstep Products not only enhance the safety and longevity of stairways, but they also give a pleasing look to your workplace. They come in different colors and sizes, and can also be customized to your preference, and industrial or residential needs.

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