Treads & Nosing for Brick Stairs

Amstep Products increases your ground’s safety factor for all users.

Amstep non-slip stair treads are reliable and economical options for safer brick staircases. With a perfect mix of expertise and over 100 years of experience, Amstep continues to manufacture robust stair treads solutions for every working condition.

We understand the risks involved in having slippery stairs. Therefore, we help you safeguard your employees’ and clients’ health with our commercial treads for brick stairs.

Brick stairs present potential dangers that could lead to different fall hazards. Most commercial and industrial environments often witness heavy foot traffic. Therefore, slip and fall accidents are more likely to occur in these areas. The falls can result in serious and sometimes fatal injuries. In most cases, the property owners are held liable for such accidents.

It is usually easy to prove fault in slip and fall cases. The property owner is expected to be aware of dangerous conditions that can lead to falling on the stairs. For example, a simple broken brick or spill on brick steps is enough to cause people to trip and fall. These obvious dangers make the liability of the property owner very clear.

Therefore, it is very important for property owners to get the best commercial treads for brick stairs. These treads can help transform staircases by adding to the traction. That way, they help to minimize the risks of slips and falls.

Brick Stair Treads from Amstep Products

Choosing the right type of stair nosing or treads for brick stairs is very important because there are several types available today. Different types of indoor and outdoor stair treads are available in the marketplace today, including aluminum, vinyl, carpet, and rubber, but most of these are not suitable options for brick stairs.

Vinyl or rubber treads, while inexpensive, are very difficult to mount on brick stairs and they won’t offer long-lasting protection. Amstep Products anti-slip step covers for protecting brick stair treads and nosings provide a long term slip resistant solution that are secured in place with fasteners into the actual step.

Commercial and industrial areas need to employ durable and aesthetically-pleasing treads for brick stairs, and that’s exactly what Amstep offers. Aside from the non-slip advantage, our heavy-duty, aluminum stair treads offer lasting protection. A tread that needs to be replaced every few months or every year can become a safety issue. Also, the labor required each year presents a huge drain on the company’s resources. Ideally, you should seek tough and sturdy solutions that can withstand a wide range of conditions and last you for years.

Furthermore, our range of color options beautify the staircase and provide a visible cue for customers and employees. Colorful stairs with high-visibility treads will offer a detectable warning to people moving around, and glow-in-the-dark options help each step stand out in dimly-lit areas.

Anti-Slip Paint for Brick Stairs

Thinking of painting your brick stairs? Painting brick steps can be a suitable option as long as you choose the right paint. Failure to do so could result in poor paint adhesion, trapped moisture, and substandard slip protection. Amstep offers a variety of abrasive anti-slip paint options that would be ideal solutions for your stair painting project.

Choosing the Right Option

Regardless of the different types of protection, whether it’s brick stair treads or anti-slip paint, it is crucial to choose the option that ensures your visitors’ and employees’ safety.

For help finding the best solution for your project, contact Amstep today.