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Stair Nosing For Title 24 Compliance


In 2008, the California Energy Commission passed Title 24, a code that greatly impacts building standards and general industry safety orders. The title affects many aspects of existing stairways and future stairwell construction, and aims to provide safer environments for the visually impaired.

Title 24 mandates that all stair nosing be equipped with visual contrast to prevent accidents for those who are visually impaired. Each tread or nosing must have a contrasted color to differentiate between the step and the tread. The strip must measure two inches wide while remaining parallel to the nosing of each step and must possess anti-slip features. In addition to these requirements, the tread must be placed no further than one inch from the nosing of the step.

Amstep’s Series #224A safety strip meets California Title 24 requirements. It combines superior anti slip technology with the visual contrast needed to comply with state regulations. It is available with a continuous extruded anchor or drilled and countersunk with holes for anchoring into steel, wood or stone. It is available in any contrasting or complimentary color.

Scala in ferro, and stairs in an empty warehouse.

Amstep Stair Safety Products


Stair nosing and stair treads are value-added components that are commonly utilized on stairways and other walking surfaces. Each of our products are designed with anti-slip capabilities to decrease the likelihood of falling for pedestrians and other traffic sources. These treads yield several benefits because of their structural durability as well as their high-friction coefficient. Amstep stair safety products are used in high traffic areas such as schools, hospitals, airports and other public areas.

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224A Stair Nosings