Treads & Nosing for Wood Stairs

Amstep Products increases your ground’s safety factor for all users.

One of the most popular staircase materials is wood, and while wood is traditional and simplistic, it can be slippery and cause accidents. Wooden staircases found in residential and commercial properties can benefit from the dependability and security offered by Amstep’s non-slip step covers for protecting wood stair treads and stair nosing.

Choosing proper non-slip stair treads for wood applications is crucial. First and foremost, the tread or nosing should improve the safety of all who walk on the staircase. And second, the stair treads should offer aesthetics and complement the existing design of the staircase. Amstep Products offers exactly that type of solution. 

Our anti-slip stair treads for wood are heavy-duty and long-lasting thanks to aircraft grade extruded aluminum and a specially formulated abrasive composite. Fit for indoor and outdoor settings, apartment buildings, college campuses, nursing homes, boardwalks, and amusement parks are already taking advantage of the improved safety provided by our products. See our case studies page for more examples.

Aside from increasing the grip of each step, our non-slip treads and nosing reduce the wear-and-tear of your stairs and make them look great. Our products are easy to install over new and existing wood stair treads, requiring only a few tools and materials to complete the job. With several colors to choose from and options like contrasting colors and glow-in-the-dark features, our products are sure to compliment your properties current look and feel.

Nosing & Treads for Wood Stairs and Steps

Why Choose Aluminum Over Other Wood Stair Tread Materials?

The answer is simple. While there are a large number of other materials that could be used as non-slip stair treads for wood, only aluminum offers real durability. Braided rugs, carpet, vinyl and rubber treads might be suitable for your home, but even with light foot traffic, these will wear down quickly. If you want long-lasting protection for your wooden stairs, especially in a commercial or business setting, aluminum is the clear choice.

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Amstep Products wood stair treads run rings around other options found in big-box retail stores and on popular e-commerce websites. Our products aren’t one-size-fits-all — each tread is manufactured exactly to your specifications and made-to-order in the USA.