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Address Stair Safety Before the Fall

Single run. Switchbacks. L-shaped. Spiral. Curved. Triangular. Double helix. Slow stairs. Fast stairs. There are so many ways to describe the beauty and form of stairs. They’re architectural wonders celebrated in many public and private buildings. Stairs are also one of the biggest safety hazards in commercial buildings like municipal […]

The Importance of Proper Stairway Retrofit and Construction

Many of us use stairways every day without putting much thought into their functionality or construction. However, stairs are an integral part of many homes and businesses, and at the very least, they serve as an alternative to an elevator during an emergency. It is because of this vital role […]

How to Clean Stair Treads

Stair treads are heavily trafficked areas in public and industrial settings. Depending on their construction material, they can accumulate dirt, grime, and other debris quite quickly. Without regular cleaning, dust and dirt can build up on stair treads, creating an unsightly mess that is difficult to remove. Here’s a look […]

Carpet Runners vs. Aluminum Stair Treads

While people like to choose carpet runners for their looks, they can have strict disadvantages over using more durable aluminum stair treads. Here’s what you need to know carpet runners: Like aluminum stair treads, carpet runners for stairs serve as a way to add traction to prevent slips and falls. […]

How to Close Open Stair Treads

It’s important to know how to close open stair treads because leaving them as-is can be the source of many potentially serious accidents. Here’s how you can close open stair treads at residential or in a business setting: Measure the length of the gap behind each stair step. It’s important […]

What Is the Best Finish for Stair Treads?

When it comes to picking the best finish for stair treads, there are three important factors that come into play—cost, durability, and aesthetic. People often ask about common choices like vinyl, adhesive, hardwood, plastic, and rubber. That’s because they can be cheaper or provide a certain desired look. However, materials […]

Adhesive Stair Treads vs. Aluminum

  When it comes to aluminum vs. adhesive stair treads, the bottom line comes down to whether you’re willing to put up with a sticky situation if your stair treads fail prematurely. People like adhesive stair treads because they’re cheap and easy to install. However, they don’t last like aluminum […]

Hardwood Stair Treads vs. Aluminum

When it comes to aluminum vs. hardwood stair treads, the question of affordability has recently changed with the growing cost of lumbar in the United states. We know hardwood stair treads are popular due to their looks. But not only can they be more expensive than aluminum stair treads, they […]

Vinyl Stair Treads vs. Aluminum

The difference between aluminum vs. vinyl stair treads comes down to whether you’re looking for a long-term or short-term solution. At Amstep Products, we make it easy to find the right stair treads material for your needs.   Vinyl stair treads can be found in common places where there’s heavy […]

Plastic Stair Treads vs Aluminum

  When it comes to aluminum vs. plastic stair treads, you have to ask yourself whether you’re willing to sacrifice durability and effectiveness for price. We know plastic stair treads are popular due to their entry cost. However, unlike aluminum stair treads, plastic is more prone to wear and tear […]

Rubber Stair Treads vs. Aluminum

While our products can be made of many different materials, the most common questions we get at Amstep Products are about aluminum vs. rubber stair treads. You will commonly find rubber stair treads in public places. Rubber, while popular, isn’t the best material to use for long term sustainability. Over […]

Non-slip Stairs for Construction Sites

Due to the nature of the work, construction sites are notorious for accidents. Common injuries include electrocutions, being struck by objects, and of course, fall. At a construction site, falling could mean from a high place such as scaffolding, rooftops, or ladders, but could also be from slippery stairs.   […]

Non-slip Stairs for Manufacturing Facilities

In the manufacturing industry, fall protection has been the most violated standard from OSHA over the past decade. It’s also one of the most common causes of serious work-related injuries and deaths (source).   One of the most popular and effective methods to comply with OSHA’s standards and keep workers […]

Non-Slip Stairs for Restaurants

Slipping & falling is not uncommon in the restaurant industry. Given the nature of the work and environment, industrial kitchens in restaurants often have slippery floors (cooking oils, water, etc.), and fast-paced foot traffic. Besides proper footwear and cleaning, there is more that can be done to keep restaurant workers […]

Common Injuries From Falling Down Stairs

Whether at work, at home or out in public, falling down the stairs is a significant worry for many people. As an accident that can result in life-changing injuries, it’s important to know how you can prevent these from happening as soon as possible. Stairway safety should always be at […]

What Are Stair Treads

The stair tread is the part of the staircase that your foot makes contact with when ascending or descending. They can be made from numerous materials including wood, metal, glass and masonry. These, in combination with the riser, stringer and railings, form a staircase. Since each step up or down […]

Indoor Vs. Outdoor Stair Treads

Non slip stair treads are a highly practical solution for increasing safety when it comes to your indoor or outdoor staircase. They provide you with the ability to improve traction on the surface, along with reinforcing the structural integrity of your indoor or outdoor stairs. They are used to minimize wear […]

Advantages Of Using Stair Treads

They say, “What goes up must come down”. In the case of stairs, coming down is the much riskier proposition. While trips and falls occur going up the stairs, they tend to be more minor in nature. Trips and slips going downstairs lead to much more dangerous falls which can […]

The Safety of Public Metal Stair Nosings

Stair nosings are anti-slip components that builders apply to the front edge of the stair. Most building codes across the country require industrial, public, and commercial stairway to have stair nosings installed on both interior and exterior stair cases. Stair nosings are intended to maximize ease of use and optimize safety […]

Key Considerations for Custom Stair Treads

From mass transit stairways to rugged industrial catwalks, stair treads are a critical component of modern building. Literally underfoot, these essential installations come in materials, colors, and assemblies to fit any and every environment. But not all stairs are created equal: in fact, depending upon a building, city, or region’s […]

Preventing Slips and Falls This Winter

From manufacturing facilities and industrial workspaces to country cottages and ski retreats, one thing is certain: With wintertime snow and ice come an increased risk of slips, trips, and falls. In fact, injuries resulting from such slips top the list of common culprits for workplace injuries, especially in high-traffic areas. […]

Preparing High Rise Evacuation Procedures

Having an emergency plan in place during a high-rise evacuation could be critical to saving lives. A “high-rise” is defined as a structure in which the highest occupied floor is greater than 75 feet above the ground floor. There are hundreds of high-rise buildings spread across North America, housing thousands […]

Charity Stair Climbs for Supporting Great Causes

Multiple fundraiser events help spread awareness and raise money for charities, like cancer research, but few are as much fun as a charity stair climb. During these stair climbing events, participants make their way up dozens of floors to reach the top of a skyscraper or tall building.

Stair Nosing to Prevent Slips and Falls on Ice

Charlie loves spending time away from his busy California life in a remote lakeside cabin that’s been in his family for over sixty years. Recently, however, the age of the cabin was starting to show, and one of Charlie’s elderly relatives almost fell down the deck steps leading to the […]

Food and Beverage Distributor Deliveries Can be a Slippery Business

Food and Beverage Distributors. Are Slow or Difficult Deliveries Costing You Money? Food and Beverage Distributor deliveries can be a slippery business. The job of a Food and Beverage Distributor is more challenging each day. Trying to maintain existing customers as well as developing new ones is difficult in today’s […]

3 Ways to Make Your Business Safer for the Elderly

If you own a business, you are probably aware of the dangers in your store, office, or warehouse. While most people can easily avoid the dangers or watch out for themselves, the elderly have more difficulty getting around. Because of that, it’s necessary to take a few extra precautions to […]