Treads & Nosing for Concrete Stairs

Amstep Products increases your ground’s safety factor for all users.

Anti-slip treads for concrete steps are one of the simplest ways you can increase the safety of your stairways and protect your visitors or employees. Amstep Products offers a full catalog of concrete stair nosing and non-slip treads compatible with both new and existing concrete stairs.

Whether you need to anchor new non slip stair nosings into new concrete or install non slip stair treads or nosings over existing concrete stair treads, Amstep has a solution that will be custom-tailored to meet your project’s needs. Amstep Series 200 stair nosings are made to install into new poured concrete stairs. If the stairs are already in place, then the Series 300, 500, and 700 stair nosings and treads are a perfect choice. If you need to replace existing cast-in-place nosings, the Series 100 and 300 stair nosings are an excellent option. There are several great options, feel free to call or contact us to make sure you get the best one.

How to Make Concrete Steps Look Better & Feel Safer

Installing concrete stair nosing improves staircase stability and grip, and is an effective way of preventing accidents and injuries. But these additions do not only improve safety — they also look great and protect staircases from the wear-and-tear that comes with everyday traffic. By bearing the brunt of scratches and scuffs, these treads prolong the lifespan of concrete stairs.

Improving safety, reducing accidents, and beautifying new stairways or rejuvenating old ones is simple with Amstep Products. The combination of durability, customization options, and ease of installation make our concrete stair nosing and anti-slip treads suitable for almost any application.

Concrete Stair Nosing

Amstep Products Stair Nosings — suitable for use as indoor or outdoor stair nosing — are an ideal solution for stairs that experience heavy use or exposure to the elements, and every order is custom-made to your specifications; width, length, depth, color, and additional options can all be configured to meet your project’s requirements. Schools, public buildings, subways and many other high-traffic areas are already benefiting from the use of our concrete stair nosings. Our Series 200 stair nosings are for new poured concrete, the Series 100 are for replacement of existing embedded nosings, and the Series 300 nosings are to be installed over existing stairs secured by fasteners and include a safe back bevel.

What makes Amstep Products nosings ideal for new and existing concrete applications?

  • Custom-Made – Concrete stair nosing is custom fabricated to fit the shape of your stairs. Width, depth, and length are all manufactured to your specifications, and they come ready to install on either new stairs or existing ones.
  • Easy Installation – Access to stairwells do not need to be restricted for long periods of time to install nosings. Basic preparation and a few tools are all that are needed for installation, providing an efficient process that does not involve extended closures.
  • Long-Lasting – Made from heavy-duty material like aircraft-grade aluminum, these nosings are designed to take heavy use. Our concrete stair nosing contains non-corrosive properties that prevent it from wearing down.
  • Variety – A number of features are available for additional customization. High visibility colors or glow-in-the-dark options are offered to add to the safety of your stair nosing.
Concrete Stair Treads & Nosing

Anti-Slip Treads for Concrete Steps

If you’re looking to protect an even deeper area of your stairs than nosing can cover, you can turn to Amstep’s anti-slip stair treads. Our Series 500 and Series 700 stair treads offer coverage areas of 4 inches to 11 inches deep, and are perfect for covering concrete steps and rejuvenating stairways.

Amstep Products offers solutions for interior and exterior concrete stair treads, and provide similar benefits as our stair nosings; for instance:

  • Ease of Installation – Using anti-slip treads on concrete stairs allows for a more cost-efficient means of construction and renovation of stairs inside or outside of a building. Renovating an old staircase has never been easier since our treads can be simply drilled and anchored onto each step.
  • Customization – Stair treads can be fabricated to meet the exact measurements and requirements of a building. Choose your colors, features, and dimensions, and each tread will be custom-made to fit the application for which it is required.
  • Durability – Adding metal stair treads will not only increase safety, but also durability. The extruded aluminum base coupled with our high-quality abrasive compound can stand up to both environmental factors and heavy foot traffic, and may be able to support heavier loads than other materials.
  • Maintenance – Maintaining concrete stairs that feature anti-slip treads from Amstep is a cinch. Damaged parts can be easily replaced using new metal treads made to the same standards as the originals.

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Concrete stair nosing and anti-slip stair treads from Amstep Products are cost-effective means of improving the safety of any staircase. With several colors to choose from, options like contrasting colors and glow-in-the-dark options, and over 100 years of experience in the industry, Amstep is a clear choice over competitors offering less durable options made from rubber or vinyl.

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