Outdoor Stair Treads & Nosing

Amstep Products increases your ground’s safety factor for all users.

Outdoor stairs require more care and consideration than those found indoors due to the exposure to outside elements. It’s important to utilize a material that can withstand the elements and provide proper grip and traction. Exterior stairs are exposed to extreme summer and winter weather conditions like rain, snow, ice, and high temperatures — all of which can wear down an outdoor stair tread quicker. Stair treads and outdoor stair nosing from Amstep Products feature an extruded aluminum base and a high performance abrasive compound that provide the perfect, long-lasting solution for stair treads outdoor and exterior staircases.

Anti Slip Outdoor Steps Treads & Nosings

Amstep offers several non-slip solutions suitable for protecting outdoor step treads and providing the proper grip for your foot traffic. Our Series 500 and Series 700 treads and Series 300 nosings are the most popular choices for exterior staircases, featuring heavy-duty aluminum bases and long-lasting, non-slip abrasive particle composite.

Amstep Products non-slip outdoor stair treads and nosing offers plenty of customizable options. Various tread widths are available to increase the anti-slip surface of stairs, and help to improve the grip of the stairs. Amstep’s Glowline™ glow-in-the-dark materials and Sightline high visibility contrasting front nose color can also be integrated into your stair treads or nosings to provide a visual contrast at each stairs front nose. Glowline will also provide better visibility at night or if power is lost helping to prevent missteps from occurring.


Why use outdoor stair treads?

Stair treads and nosing are a essential for outside steps to help protect your employees and customer from slipping and tumbling down the stairs due to conditions such as rain or snow. In addition to that, well manufactured treads can even help to protect your stairs normal wear and tear and the harsh condition from the outside environment.

What kind of non-slip stair treads are best for outdoors?

You will find many types of materials used in making stair treads and nosing.  Many have their advantages but for high traffic areas like your business you want to make sure you use the best materials possible.  That is why we use high-quality aluminum when manufacturing our treads.

The difference between indoor and outdoor stair treads?

Don’t let the name fool you.  Just because it is a stair tread that does not mean it is appropriate, or even safe, for a outdoor space.  When it comes to outdoor staircases, you will need a material that is considerably stronger and much more durable since they will be exposed to harsher conditions.  Read our blog about indoor vs outdoor stair treads.


There are a lot of options. Please contact us by phone or email if you have questions. We have decades of experience providing the highest quality stair treads and nosings.  As well, we can offer the best installation guidance with quality fasteners; not glue or tape.

Series 500 Outdoor Stair Treads

Our Series 500 stair treads are crafted from aircraft-grade extruded aluminum and fitted with abrasive particle composite that’s available in 8 different colors. Series 500 treads are the perfect anti-slip outdoor stair tread with the ability to withstand harsh climates and high temperatures. These easy-to-install treads provide an affordable option for improving stair safety in outdoor environments. They come in depths from 8″ to 11″ or more.

Series 300 Outdoor Stair Treads

If you’re looking to cover just the first 3” to 5” of the step, see our 300 Series renovation stair nosing which offers the same quality of material traction, just smaller depths. This stair tread is available in all the same colors and can include the same options of Sightline and Glowline as the Series 500 treads.

Series 700 Outdoor Stair Treads

For outdoor industrial areas and greasy environments, many customers turn to our Series 700 stair treads. Originally developed for use in mass transit systems, these anti slip treads can withstand severe industrial conditions and heavy traffic. Currently in place at train stations, on ferry boats, and in processing plants, they are a great choice for non-slip outdoor stair treads. They are specially designed to disperse liquids, dirt, and other contaminants without delaminating or cracking. These treads are offered in depths of 8 to 11 inches or more.

Best Outdoor Non-Slip Stair Treads for Winter & Summer Weather

Injuries involving stairs occur every year, and some of these slip accidents have been known to cause serious injury or death. As a result, building operators—whether industrial, residential, municipal or private—need to observe the risks and choose stair treads that are appropriate for each environment.  You have many materials from which to choose: Aluminum, Rubber or Carpet stair treads and mats.

Outdoor and Exterior Stair Treads and Nosing

Aluminum Stair Treads

The aircraft-grade extruded aluminum and specially formulated abrasive material used in our treads and nosing is less affected by extreme weather conditions and high temperatures. Amstep brand products work more effectively to prevent slipping on the stairs. They’re also easily replaced when they become worn by foot traffic or the environment.

Anti-Slip Paint & Coatings

Amstep Products offers non-slip paint in a variety of colors and abrasive levels, but admittedly, this also may not be the best solution for outdoor stair treads. Paint can easily become covered in snow and ice, negating its non-slip traction properties.  For this reason, non-slip stair treads are preferred for installing outdoors.

Outdoor Rubber Stair Treads

Although vinyl and rubber stair treads may seem like suitable applications for exterior stairs, a rubber tread stair does not resist extreme conditions like aluminum. In high heat, rubber softens and becomes more easily manipulated; conversely, in low temperatures, rubber hardens and becomes very stiff. Both of these conditions will impact wear-and-tear and the lifespan of the rubber outdoor stair tread.

The Amstep Products Advantage

If you’re searching for one ultimate protection from summer and winter weather for your outdoor stairs, look no further. When you buy from us, you get the comfort of knowing we have over 100 years of experience in manufacturing heavy-duty tread for indoor outdoor stair treads. We manufacture our tread products according to your specifications and ship to you with care.

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