Amstep Products increases your ground’s safety factor for all users.

Automotive Safety Treads


From showrooms to garage environments, conditions can easily become slippery, messy, and hazardous, putting workers and equipment in danger.

To reliably protect employees, prevent downtime, and reduce unnecessary expenditures, steps must be taken to lower the risk of falls. Amstep safety treads and stair nosings have been the answer for automotive applications from Porsche car sales showrooms to express oil change facilities. Our Custom non-slip truck steps have been made for shuttle buses and vans used at ski resorts and amusement parks as well as luxury RV step treads.

You will find our automotive and car stair treads at OEM facilities and salvage yard strip lines providing a safe non-slip environment for employees and customers alike.



Several auto treads models are available to meet specific needs, in varying widths and tread thicknesses. Optional safety coatings are also available to enhance grip further.

Stair nosings on a vehicle

Amstep 300 Series stair nosings go over existing auto stairs and provide 3 to 5 inches of durable non-slip surface which is just the right amount on shallow steps found in Automotive applications. Our treads for trucks can be found on Vans, Semis, Buses and Parcel Delivery trucks. They provide a new non-slip front edge to a worn or slippery step. They come in many colors and provide a visual contrast to the front edge of your automotive steps. They are available with Sightline and Glowline options for increased visibility even in the dark.

The Amstep 500 series, for renovating existing staircases, is crafted from heavy-duty extruded aluminum and fitted with our exclusive, anti-slip, abrasive particle composite. These easy-to-install car treads provide an affordable option for improving stairway safety and providing long-lasting durability. They are in use on the entry steps for Buses, Ski Resort Trams, and luxury RV stair treads. You will find them on the stairs inside Auto service centers, Salvage strip facilities and Auto Parts warehouses. They are the versatile workhourse for non-slip garage stair treads.

Perfect for wet, greasy, oily applications, the 700 series is the ultimate high-performance auto stair tread. Guaranteed to resist liquids, dirt and contaminants, these non-slip garage treads are easy to clean and blend in to any décor. 700 series vehicle treads can withstand severe conditions and heavy traffic. They are perfect for use in auto showrooms to protect customers and employees. They are just as good in auto service centers and oil change centers where oil and grease are a slip hazard. In any application they will provide years of protection.

Working with Amstep

In the automotive industry, safety is essential. Amstep understands the unique hazards encountered in this sector and is dedicated to providing reliable, easy-to-install solutions to protect workers, equipment, and your bottom line. For over a hundred years, we’ve been helping companies maintain optimal safety in their facilities without sacrificing time or incurring steep costs. Our solutions can be used in both full-scale construction work and small or single-piece car stairs projects alike.

To keep learning about our wide selection of safety products, including anti-slip stair nosinghigh-visibility treads, and other anti-slip coatings, visit our Products catalog. Or, to speak directly with an expert about how we can help with your specific facility needs, contact the team today.

stair nosings at an automotive shop.