Glow In The Dark Stair Treads & Nosing

In an emergency situation, stairs can pose a significant safety hazard. While stairwells in buildings are normally well-lit, unforeseen circumstances such as power outages or fires can interrupt an electrical system and plunge a staircase into darkness. For those using the stairs, the possibility of missing a step or tripping and falling is a very real threat and has the potential to cause significant injury.

Ensuring that stairs remain visible in an emergency situation is a concern for many building operators. In order to minimize the risks associated with a dark set of stairs, glow in the dark stair treads and nosing are available for installation to meet any safety requirements.


Amstep’s glow-in-the-dark, photoluminescent stair treads are available in all versions of our non-slip stair safety products. Unlike most other stair part manufacturers, our photoluminescent option is manufactured using the same anti-slip technology used in all of our products and do not make use of cheap tapes or phosphorous liquids.

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Application & Material

Non slip stair treads and nosings with glow in the dark material are similar to regular non-slip material. The major difference between the two is that the material absorbs light, artificial or natural, and then becomes luminescent when that source of light disappears. This luminescence ensures that your building remains UL1994 compliant, with luminescence lasting for at least 90 minutes after a light source has been removed. Those using stairs during an emergency can be assured that they will have a clearly visible exit route.

Resistance qualities in photoluminescent stair treads are the same as those in standard non-slip treads and will minimize the risk of slipping and falling, regardless of whether or not an emergency is occurring. No tape is used, nor is phosphorous liquid poured over the fibers of a regular tread. These properties give the treads the same durability and easy maintenance of other tread surfaces.

Flexibility in these types of treads can easily meet the requirements of your application. Photoluminescent stair nosing can be used as an option within a number of Amstep stair safety products. Maintenance of glow in the dark treads is just as simple as any other type of tread or nosing, as the worn or damaged treads can be replaced without extended work.

A number of different styles and treads ensure that you will be able to find the right tread to provide you with the visibility needed in emergency situations to keep your building and its occupants safe.

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Looking for our Sightline offering?

For applications requiring higher visibility without photoluminescence, such as schools, train stations, marine vessels, and sports stadiums, Amstep recommends our Sightline option. Any of our treads and nosing can be customized to include a higher-contrasting color.

sightline anti-slip coating for stair nosings