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Preparing High Rise Evacuation Procedures

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Having an emergency plan in place during a high-rise evacuation could be critical to saving lives. A “high-rise” is defined as a structure in which the highest occupied floor is greater than 75 feet above the ground floor. There are hundreds of high-rise buildings spread across North America, housing thousands of offices and workers, and therefore having a well-prepared high-rise evacuation plan is vital to preventing disaster in an emergency situation. (more…)

The Importance of Proper Stairway Construction

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Many of us use stairways every day without putting much thought into their functionality or construction. However, stairs are an integral part of many homes and businesses, and at the very least, they serve as an alternative to an elevator during an emergency. It is because of this vital role that stairways must adhere to strict design and construction specifications, in addition to meeting other safety requirements. (more…)