Indoor Stair Treads
for Interior Applications

Amstep’s non-slip products increases your ground’s safety factor for all users.

Why use indoor stair treads?

Stair treads are an important aspect of stair safety. A good indoor stair tread can increase the grip that a person has on each step, helping to prevent slip-and-fall injuries. According to the National Safety Council, more than 10,000 incidents involving a stairway are reported annually.

Amstep offers a range of treads and nosing for indoor applications including Glowline™ and Sightline options for areas where higher visibility is needed.  You will see that we even have pet friendly options for sale.

Non Slip Indoor Stair Treads

Almost every building contains a set of stairs, and stair safety is an important consideration for all of them. Whether it’s a residential property, like a home, or an industrial facility, accidents can and do happen. Builders want to be sure that the stairs they provide are safe for everyone (even a pet), and owners can benefit from minimizing the risk of injuries by utilizing the appropriate indoor stair treads.  Styles like a square nose stair tread are good, but only if you avoid low quality carpet and rubber mats and use materials resistant to slips and falls.

What kind of non-slip stair treads are best for indoors?

Whether the staircase that you are installing or renovating is indoors or outdoors, there are different kinds of stair treads. Each has its’ strong suits. Aluminum treads have the combination of durability, flexibility and appealing aesthesis that make them a great option for indoors.

Indoor Stair Tread & Nosing for Interiors

The difference between indoor and outdoor stair treads?

There are a variety of non slip stair treads that are available for indoor use. All of these are designed to minimize the risks involved in ascending and descending stairs and can help to prevent injuries. When choosing the appropriate stair treads, you will need to consider certain variables:

Traffic – While interior stair treads do not need to withstand the harsh changes in weather, traffic can also cause low quality stair tread carpets and mats to wear out and become ineffective. Consider the amount of foot traffic and lighting, then choose a tread that can withstand the volume.  Avoid light duty ribbed design styles popular for a home traffic.

Cost – When installing or retrofitting commercial stair treads, you should consider your budget. Most types of stair treads are inexpensive, but some may be slightly more difficult to implement. Non-slip paint may be the least expensive option, as stairs simply need to be cleaned and prepared. Other options include installing stair treads that are anchored by bolts or extruded anchors. Choose the best option which will best fit your budget.

Maintenance – Replacing stair treads is something that all business owners will eventually have to do as the grip material slowly wears. Nosings, anti-slip paint, or inset treads and grip tape will all eventually need to be replaced, especially in high-traffic areas. Amstep Products slip resistant stair treads made from aircraft grade aluminum (not rubber or carpet backing) are the best long term solution to this problem.

Requirements – Certain applications may have visibility requirements for specific uses. Our non-slip, safety stair treads come in a range of colors (like red and yellow) and styles to meet any regulatory requirements.  Unlike a home carpet, rug or mat step tread these are made specifically for high-volume locations (including bathroom or kitchen).

Amstep Products has over 100 years of experience with premium stair treads and nosings. Contact us today and let our skilled team help you shop and review the stair treads that best meet the needs of your indoor application at a reasonable price.