Treads & Nosing for Stone Stairs

Amstep Products increases your ground’s safety factor for all users.

Amstep’s large selection of treads for masonry stairs is just a sample of the wide variety of products they offer for both exterior and interior stairs in industrial and commercial spaces.

Masonry steps require the best possible treads to be able to withstand the heavy volume of people walking on them. Amstep offers heavy-duty stair treads for stone stairs made from premium aircraft-grade aluminum and proprietary non-slip materials that can withstand harsh weather and high foot traffic areas.

Amstep offers a wide selection of stair tread covers for installation over stone, concrete, precast concrete treads and more. In order to choose the right style of stone stair treads for your commercial space, you have to consider whether they will be used indoors or outdoors, how they will complement the aesthetic of the space, if they will be installed in dim or well-lit areas, and more.

Protecting Stone Stair Treads

Slip and falls involving steps on stone stairs are a huge liability issue for commercial properties and homeowners alike. This is why it is crucial for businesses and residences to purchase treads for masonry stairs that provide extra protection. Amstep offers anti-slip treads and nosing products that install easily over stone stair treads to minimize the risk of slip and falls, improve traction, and provide more safety. Our products are made to various depths to protect the nose of the stair or the entire depth of the stair.

Offering Various Styles of Anti-Slip Treads and Nosings for Stone Steps

There are many different styles and sizes of treads and nosings for stone steps. Amstep’s treads and nosings range from 3″ to 11″ deep from the front nose and are made of heavy-duty extruded aluminum. Here is some more information about the sizes and styles of stone stair treads available for your property:

  • Made for pedestrian and industrial traffic
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Able to mount over existing stone stairs
  • Usable on oily or greasy areas
  • Made of materials that do not absorb liquids, common contaminants, or dirt
  • Very easy to clean
  • Developed for stairways with mass foot traffic
  • Able to stand severe impact

Amstep’s treads and nosings for masonry stairs are available in our 300, 500 and 700 series models. All Amstep models offer a Sightline option with a contrasting color at the front of each stair tread or stair nosing, as well as a Glowline™ option which provides glow-in-the-dark non-slip material at the front of each tread or nosing. These unique options offer visual contrast to the front edge of each step on stone stairs and improve visibility. 

The high-quality aluminum and non-slip composite that Amstep’s stone stair treads are made of should increase the life expectancy of your stone steps, as well as provide a significantly higher coefficient of friction to reduce slips and falls.

Leaders in Durability and Aesthetics

The aircraft-grade aluminum and non-slip materials that compose Amstep’s stone stair treads provide long-lasting results that improve the durability and aesthetic appearance of stone steps. This is important to protect and improve safety while complementing the space the stairs occupy.

While Amstep does offer anti-slip paint in a wide selection of colors, it is not recommended to use paint as an alternative on outdoor masonry steps. This is because snow, rain, and ice can negate the slip-resistant properties found in the treads.

Amstep’s treads for stone stairs are built to withstand weather conditions. They are much more effective in the prevention of slipping while on stairs.

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