Amstep Products increases your public stairs safety factor for all users.

Government, Academic and Transit Stairways


In heavy-traffic areas such as public buildings and mass transit facilities, safety is of the utmost importance. Public stairways, walkways, and flooring must provide reliable protection from falls and slips while still maintaining optimal aesthetics. With thousands of workers, students, teachers, visitors, and commuters passing through these buildings every day, surfaces must also be able to withstand general wear and tear.

In particular, stairways in these municipal buildings must not only be structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing, but also possess reliable slip- and fall-prevention features to reduce the risk of injuries and even potential fatalities.



Our safety treads and nosings are custom-designed to fit municipal settings. Some of our most popular options include:

an upwards shot of a government building and it's front-facing stairs

Amstep 300 Series stair nosings go over existing stairs in publlc and provide 3 to 5 inches of durable non-slip surface which is just the right amount on shallow steps found in Automotive applications. They can be found on Vans, Semis, Buses and Parcel Delivery trucks. They provide a new non-slip front edge to a worn or slippery step. They come in many colors and provide a visual contrast to the front edge of your steps. They are available with Sightline and Glowline options for increased visibility even in the dark.

The Amstep 500 series, for renovating existing public staircases, is crafted from heavy-duty extruded aluminum and fitted with our exclusive, anti-slip, abrasive particle composite. These easy-to-install treads provide an affordable option for improving public stairway safety and providing long-lasting durability. They are popular in schools, Federal and State housing projects and parking facilities. Bus Stations, Train Stations and Airports. They are versatile, attractive and long lasting. They are the most popular non-slip stair tread for public buildings.

Perfect for wet, greasy, oily applications, the 700 series is the ultimate high-performance public stair tread. Guaranteed to resist liquids, dirt and contaminants, these non-slip treads are easy to clean and blend in to any décor. 700 series treads can withstand severe conditions and heavy traffic. They are currently in use at Universities, High Schools and primary schools across the nation. They are popular in Mass Transit stations, Airports, Hospitals, Federal and Municipal buildings. In any application they will provide years of protection and low maintenance.