Amstep Products increases your boat’s safety factor for crew and passengers.

Boat Stair Treads & Deck Coatings


Amstep Products marine stair treads and stair nosings protect crew and passengers against slips and falls under wet slippery floor conditions common in nautical environments. As of 2014, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) statistics show over 40% of workplace accidents in the Marine industry are a result of a slip or fall.

Amstep’s nautical treads and nosings are currently in use on freighters, ferries, tugboats, commercial and personal fishing vessels, as well as yachts and cruise ships. They are protecting the safety of boat passengers and crews from Maine to Alaska and Florida to Hawaii.



Amstep Products Series 500 and Series 700 nautical treads are ideal for the renovation or overhauling of seagoing vessels staircases – they provide unparalleled non-slip protection and are designed for easy installation. Series 300 stair nosings are perfect for when you want the same non-slip protection, but only need to cover the first 3 to 5 inches of the boat step. Sightline and Glowline™ options are offered to provide the same durable deck stair treads and nosings with high visibility or glow in the dark to further enhance safety.

A large blue and multi-tiered boat in a loading dock.

Amstep 300 Series deck stair nosing goes over existing stairs and provide 3 to 5 inches of durable non slip surface which is just the right amount on shallow steps found in Marine applications. They can go over wood, metal and masonry stairs. They can be installed over existing embedded deck stair nosings or provide a new non slip front edge to a worn or slippery boat step pads. They come in many colors and provide a visual contrast to the front edge of your steps. They are available with Sightline and Glowline options for increased visibility even in the dark.

The Amstep 500 series, for renovating an existing marine staircases, is crafted from heavy-duty extruded aluminum and fitted with our exclusive, anti-slip, abrasive particle composite. Available in sizes ranging from 8″ to 11″. Deeper steps can be accommodated with multiple pieces (contact our sales department). Our most popular nautical stair treads, and in use on boats and docks, yachts and yacht clubs, freighters and cruise ships. This easy-to-install boat tread provides an affordable option for improving stairway safety and providing long-lasting durability.

Perfect for wet, greasy, oily applications, the 700 series is the ultimate high-performance nautical stair tread. Guaranteed to resist liquids, dirt and contaminants, these non-slip boat treads are easy to clean and blend in to any décor. 700 series treads can withstand severe conditions and heavy traffic. They are currently in use on Cruise ships, Ferries, Freighters and pleasure boats providing years of protection.

Deck Coating

While anti-slip and non-skid paints are extremely important for marine staircases; most boats also have large deck areas that need to be made safer given the wet marine environment. Covering boat deck steps with marine treads would be cost prohibitive while using consumer boat floor paints will not hold up on high traffic marine decks.

Amstep Products has a line of marine grade anti slip decking product that are currently in use on docks, ferries, boats and cruise ships. Deck tread for boats and walkways of working vessels, as well as for harbor and non slip dock surfacing, Amstep Products offers a number of anti-slip boat deck coatings with varied profiles.

An example of the full cover stair tread and nosing.

AP 250 is a high solids, low volatile organic compound (VOC) anti-slip boat deck epoxy coating.

A red colored pedestrian grade non-slip coating

AP 2500 is a 100% solids, zero VOC high profile fast curing epoxy boat deck coating.

A yellow colored pedestrian grade non-slip coating

Each of our coatings is suitable for high traffic non-skid nautical flooring, can be applied to metal, concrete, and wood surfaces, and meet all ADA and OSHA requirements for marine industry applications.

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To learn more about our versatile and durable boat stair treads, step pads, and anti-slip paints and deck coating, or to discuss your particular needs and the possibility of a custom nautical floor solution, contact Amstep Products today.