Amstep Products increases your ground’s safety factor for all users.

Improving Safety with Anti-Slip Stair Nosing

Stair safety is an important part of any building. Every year, in residential, commercial, and municipal buildings, accidents involving stairs frequently account for a range of injuries from minor to very serious. Using anti-slip stair nosing is an excellent and cost-effective way of minimizing the risk of accidents in your building.

The Benefits

Stair nosing is simply a part that protrudes over the edge of the stair, and provides friction between the bottom of a foot and the top of the stair. This extra friction is designed to prevent slipping while using the stairs, and the grips can be made from a variety of material.

Some of the benefits of stair nosings include:

Cost Savings – Cost effectiveness of stair grips are a benefit to the building owner. Nosings are easy to install on existing stairs, eliminating lengthy renovations or the need for entirely new stairs. Installation involves placing the nosing over the existing stair and anchoring it into place.

Various Materials – A number of different anti-slip materials are available for use in stair nosings. This variety allows building operators to select the material that best suits their needs.

Increased Safety – Beyond the standard grip material used in stair nosings, high visibility options are also available. These make the edges of the stairs visible to those using them, and help buildings conform to various safety regulations. Additionally, there are options for non-slip material that glows in the dark when a light source is removed, making stairs easy to navigate during power outages and emergency situations.

Easy Maintenance – Amstep produces treads and nosing for both new-work and old-work. When nosing that has been screwed down into the stair becomes worn or damaged, the product can be easily replaced; simply remove the worn nosing, scrape up old adhesive and apply a new layer, then anchor the new product in place.

This prevents the need for lengthy closures of stairways that may interrupt the normal operation of a building. Additionally, it saves money for the building operator, who will only need to replace the worn material.

Some of our anti-slip nosings at BU 027

Take the First Step to Stairway Safety

Quality anti-slip stair nosing for your building will be an effective measure appreciated by everyone who regularly uses your stairs. Minimized risk and liability means both savings for you and a safer environment for everyone.

Please contact Amstep to find out how our stair nosings can improve your staircases today.