Non slip stair treads are a highly practical solution for increasing safety when it comes to your indoor or outdoor staircase. They provide you with the ability to improve traction on the surface, along with reinforcing the structural integrity of your indoor or outdoor stairs. They are used to minimize wear on the underlying stair tread and can add many years to your old staircase with proper installation.

indoor-outdoor-stair-treadsIt is important to be conscious of the material and design of your existing stairs when considering treads. All of Amstep Products treads work both indoor and outdoor but color, design and costs will play a factor in your decision of which option is the right one. You should check building codes for your local requirements also.

Stairways are a very dangerous place if they become old and slippery. The chance of a slip or fall increases along with your liability for these accidents. Preventive measures today can pay tremendous dividends down the road.

Choosing the Stair Tread Material

Depending on whether the staircase that you are installing or renovating is indoors or outdoors, there are different kinds of stair treads. Each has its’ strong suits. Aluminum treads have the combination of durability and flexibility that make them a great option indoors or outdoors.

Vinyl (Indoor Usage)

Vinyl is a very low expenditure material. These can come in various designs and with many components, and while they can be installed outdoors, they will very easily be damaged by harsh weather conditions and climatic changes. This is probably why vinyl is mostly used indoors and offers a viable option for people on a budget. Vinyl tread covers have a much shorter lifespan than their aluminum counterparts. When it comes to outdoor staircases, you will need a material that is considerably stronger and much more durable since they will be exposed to harsher conditions.

Aluminum (Indoor and Outdoor Usage)

Improving the safety conditions for any staircases placed indoors and outdoors is crucial if you want to prevent any bone-breaking accidents. Outdoor stairs will require sturdier materials that are highly durable when exposed to elements like rain, sunlight and snow. In improving the safety of the outdoor staircase in question, aluminum is the best material at your disposal. Aluminum is very long-lasting and offers an anti-slip protective surface.

Aluminum stair tread installations have lasted decades when installed and maintained properly. The attractive variety of designs features a highly exclusive safety traction surface that consists of abrasive particles that help in enhancing grip and stability. The advantage on indoor or outdoor stairs is the durability and high coefficient of friction from the non-slip surface of the aluminum treads.

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