Marine Stair Treads & Deck Coatings

Amstep Products marine stair treads and stair nosings protect crew and passengers against slips and falls under wet slippery conditions common in marine environments. Keeping people safe when surrounded by water is a difficult task. Boats, harbors, and docks are among the most hazardous work environments. As of 2014, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) statistics show over 40% of workplace accidents in the Marine industry are a result of a slip or fall.

No-Slip Solutions from Amstep

Amstep’s treads and nosings are currently in use on freighters, ferries, tugboats, commercial and personal fishing vessels, as well as yachts and cruise ships. They are protecting the safety of boat passengers and crews from Maine to Alaska and Florida to Hawaii. Freighters and cruise ships traveling the globe have installed Amstep Products treads, nosings and coatings to decrease slip and fall incidents and prevent injuries.

While non-skid adhesives or tapes can seem like attractive options these are products designed for small, non-working pleasure craft. Adhesives and tape do not last very long and require frequent replacement. They often fail to meet OSHA and international safety standards. For larger vessels and working boats, such as ferries, tug boats, and cruise ships, as well as for harbors and docks, proper solutions are required — products like marine stair treads and boat step pads.

Stair Treads and Step Pads

Amstep Products’ marine stair treads are manufactured using aircraft grade aluminum, extruded to the exact configurations your application requires. Aluminum, despite being less dense and lighter than steel, is a very strong metal and is corrosion resistant, making it an excellent material for the constantly wet and salty marine environment in which boat deck steps and marine step pads are found.

We offer our stair treads in a number of versatile models. Series 500 treads are ideal for the renovation or overhauling of seagoing vessel staircases — they provide unparalleled anti-slip protection and are designed for easy installation. The Series 700 treads are extremely durable and easy to clean, making them especially well-suited for use in high-traffic, indoor and outdoor ship staircases, including on passenger cruise ships.

We also offer Sightline and Glowline™ options for most of our stair treads — the same durable treads with high visibility and glow in the dark features to further enhance safety.

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Series 700



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Deck Coating

While anti-slip and non-skid precautions are extremely important for staircases, most boats also have large deck areas that need to be made safer given the wet marine environment. Covering decks with marine treads would be cost prohibitive.

Amstep Products has a line of non slip coatings that are currently in use on docks, ferries, boats and cruise ships. For decks and walkways of working vessels, as well as for harbor and dock surfaces, Amstep Products offers a number of anti-slip deck coatings with varied profiles.
  • AP 250 is a high solids, low volatile organic compound (VOC) anti-slip deck epoxy coating.
  • AP 2500 is a 100% solids, zero VOC high profile fast curing epoxy coating.
  • AP 7175 is a low profile anti-slip epoxy coating.
Each of our coatings is suitable for high traffic areas, can be applied to metal, concrete, and wood surfaces, and meet all ADA and OSHA requirements for marine industry applications.

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To learn more about our versatile and durable marine stair treads, boat step pads, and anti-slip paints and deck coatings, or to discuss your particular needs and the possibility of a custom solution, contact Amstep Products today.