Amstep Products increases your ground’s safety factor for all users.

Custom Stair Treads


Not all stairs are created equal, and every building may have its own specific set of requirements for the stairs within it. Additionally, stair treads located outdoors may require very different treads than those located within a building. Fortunately, custom stair treads are available to meet the needs of your project and minimize risks to those using the stairs.



What is Available?

Non slip stair treads can be manufactured using a wide range of material in order to meet the requirements of the stairs in your building. Many of these materials can be combined to create the custom stairs that you need to help keep people safe.

Precast Treads – Concrete treads that are precast arrive ready to install in your building. These can save time, since the material has already cured, and is fabricated according to your specifications.

Nosings – Nosings are available in many different styles and forms. The amount of non-slip material varies according to your needs. Aluminum treads can be fabricated to match the form of your steps, ensuring a proper fit and longer life.

Non-Slip Material – This material provides friction between the bottom of the shoes or boots, and the surface of the step. Various materials are available, including non-slip paint and other material cut into strips to fit the tread. The type of material used will depend on your needs and your budget, and can be custom made to fit any size of stair.

High-Visibility Material – Depending on the standards required within your building, you may need material that allows for high visibility steps. Reflective color material is available for use under normal conditions to allow you to increase the safety of your steps, as well as match any décor around them. For emergency situations, phosphorous material absorbs natural and artificial light, and then glows in the dark when the source is removed. During an emergency, this can be a valuable safety measure for those using the stairs.

With all of the options available for installation in stairs, creating custom stair treads for your building will be a simple process. By providing your requirements, you will be able to find and install stair treads to meet your requirements and keep occupants safe.

Please contact us today to find out how our custom stair treads can help make your stairs a safer environment for all.

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