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Wherever there are stairs, Amstep Products’ industry-leading safety treads and nosings can provide durable protection from slips and falls — even in the most challenging environments and conditions.

For more than 100 years, our company has supplied non-slip stair treads and stair nosings to a wide array of customers across a myriad of industries and applications. Some of the industries that we’ve supplied our products to are detailed below:

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Keeping workers safe is an employer’s number one priority. Stairs in industrial settings are under constant stress, exposed to many oils and fluids. Your facility’s employees make frequent trips up and down staircases, at times carrying heavy workloads with limited maneuverability.

Our products increase traction for maximum safety in factories, production plants, military bases, and a wealth of similar settings.

Industrial Applications >

Multiple circular differing color stairs using industrial-grade stair nosings.

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Safety starts at home. Studies show that more than 50% of all liability claims are from slips and falls. Amstep non-slip stair treads and stair nosings are a great solution to slippery stairs from apartment buildings and condominiums to individual houses. With over 100 years of experience providing solutions in non-slip stairs we have seen vitally every application.

Residential Applications >

an example application of a bar and bar rail at a small pub.

Care & Cleaning

The timely and safe delivery of food and beverages, from the beginning of the supply chain all the way to the customer, is critical. However, many restaurants, bars, food processing and distribution businesses often provide challenging and slippery access points for product delivery.

In these cases, stair safety is essential to ensuring that employees do not slip while processing food products, delivering goods to retailers, or preparing and delivering meals and drinks to the end customer.

To enhance stair safety, Amstep Products supplies facilities with non-skid products to make stairs safe, even for employees and customers in a hurry.

Food & Beverage >

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Building Code for Stairs

With the general public and employees alike making frequent trips on staircases in public buildings, it is important to ensure that all users are traversing safe stairways.

Our protective products can be found in virtually every setting; while many of our products are used in hospitals, municipal buildings, and schools, such safety components are also utilized in transportation hubs, such as train, subway, and bus stations.

Municipal Applications >

A photo of a boat deck and rope, featuring out anti-slip coatings

ADA Stair Compliance

The nature of marine structures demands protection against water, which can make stairways and walkways extremely slippery and hazardous. Customers from the marine industry rely on our products to increase the safety of vessels from large watercraft like cruise ships and ferries, all the way down to personal boats.

You’ll also find our slip-resistant products installed in passenger terminals and water docks.

Marine Applications >

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California Title 24

Whether people are participating in a sporting event or even just attending a game as a spectator, nobody wants to worry about whether it is safe to walk on the stairs at a recreational facility.

Our products are used extensively in professional, college, and municipal stadium and arenas both in the U.S. and around the world. Multiple NBA, NFL, and MLB stadiums use Amstep Products’ stair treads or stair nosings to enhance visitor and employee safety. We also supply products to ski resorts and golf courses, as well as skate parks, water parks, and large amusement parks, such as Disney World.

Recreational Applications >

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