Stair Treads For Outdoor Use

Stairs used for outdoor purposes require more consideration than those indoors. While building owners must consider the amount of traffic, budget and ease of maintenance on both indoor and outdoor stairs, exterior stair treads exposed to the environment are placed under much harsher conditions. Day-to-day changes in the weather, as well as seasonal changes need to be taken into consideration, as they can wear down treads more quickly.

Injuries involving stairs occur every year, and some of these accidents have been known to cause serious injury or death. As a result, building operators—whether industrial, residential, municipal or private—need to observe the risks and choose stair treads that are appropriate for the environment.


There are a number of metal stair treads available for outdoor use. While some are more appropriate than others, the location and environment surrounding the steps will help to dictate the most appropriate material.

Non-slip paint is likely to not be the best type of tread, as it can easily become covered in snow and ice, negating its non-slip properties. Nosings and safety stair treads, however, will likely be a better option. The material used in the treads is less affected by weather conditions, and works more effectively to prevent slipping on the stairs. Additionally, commercial stair treads and nosings are easily replaced when they become worn by traffic or the environment.

Various tread widths are available to increase the anti-slip surface of stairs, and help to improve safety of those people using the stairs. Luminous materials can also be integrated into stairs to improve visibility in dark areas and prevent missteps from occurring. As with other stair treads, these luminescent treads are also easily replaceable.

The Amstep Advantage

Amstep has been in the stair safety industry since 1911 and have manufactured non slip stair treads and stair nosings longer than any other company. Our company can help you, whether it is a large construction project, or the requirement for only a few stairs. Expert staff members are available to assist you in finding exactly the right product for you, and provide anti-slip protection for all of your outdoor stair tread needs, so be sure to contact us today!