As a provider of commercial stair safety products, Amstep offers custom-sized metal stair treads composed of aircraft-grade aluminum and an abrasive compound for the ultimate in slip and fall protection. Amstep’s custom metal stair treads are the perfect addition to any set of stairs. They are extremely safe, extremely durable and come in many colors. They are currently in place in a range of locations from mass transit, business, housing, restaurants, and schools, as well as, multi-dwelling units.

Series 500 Stair Tread in Blue

Series 500

  • 4″ to 11″ wide
  • For pedestrian to industrial traffic
  • Perfect indoors or outdoors
  • For use over all surfaces
  • Mounts over existing stair
Series 700 Stair Tread in Red

Series 700

  • 4″ to 11″ wide
  • For pedestrian to industrial traffic
  • Perfect indoors or outdoors
  • Best answer for oily/greasy areas
  • Non-porous, easy to clean


  • Offers visual contrast to front edge of each step
  • Option available on all Amstep Product series


  • Glow in the Dark technology
  • Option available on all Amstep Product series

When choosing where to purchase stair treads, there are a several factors to consider. Safety, durability and style. Arguably the most important is safety. A top option are metal stair treads. Metal stair treads provide maximum traction therefore maximum safety for a set of stairs. They can cover from the front nose to the entire stair tread.

Durability is another important factor. Metal stair treads are extremely durable. Once installed you will rest easy for years and years. You will not need to replace them every few years and incur the costs of removal and re-installation, or the inconvenience of having stairway access restricted while doing so.

Another factor is style, which is less vital, but also something to consider for aesthetic purposes. There are several stair tread materials to choose from, including rubber, vinyl, and various metals, but you’ll find aluminum is the best choice, especially for commercial and industrial applications.

Why Aluminum?

Aluminum is the most durable option for stair treads. It is resilient and lasts longer than other materials in high traffic areas. Aluminum is appropriate for both indoor and outdoor areas due to its versatility in appearance and strength. Amstep’s custom metal stair treads feature an extruded aluminum base with a mixture of epoxy and non-slip material. Unlike iron and steel, aluminum does not rust, which is another reason it is the best material for stair treads. In areas with heavy rainfall and humid conditions, you don’t have to worry about the integrity of your aluminum stair treads.

Custom-sized Metal Stair Treads

Amstep offers metal stair treads in a variety of styles and sizes. The Series 500 stair treads, which are perfect for renovating existing staircases, can be made in sizes ranging from 4 inches to 11 inches deep and up to 144 inches long in a single piece. For larger or deeper stairs, multiple pieces can be used to ensure maximum coverage and therefore maximum safety.

For areas with heavier foot traffic or that tend to be oily or greasy, the Series 700 stair treads are the perfect solution. These stair treads are also available in a range of sizes, from 4 inches to 11 inches, and can be configured similarly to the Series 500 as needed for larger areas.

It is important to offer a wide range of sizes for stair treads, since obviously not all stairs are the same. Amstep makes it easy to customize stair treads to your needs based on the size and location of your stairs.

There are obviously many things to consider when building or renovating a staircase. The ultimate goal is always to create a set of stairs that is safe for pedestrians, above anything else. Using metal stair treads is the best way to ensure that anyone walking on the staircase is as safe as possible. Not only are Amstep stair treads attractive, but they are also practical and provide maximum fall protection.

Amstep also offers options to make our aircraft-grade aluminum stair treads more visible, such as visual contrast between stairs and even glow in the dark stripes, providing an extra layer of security on top of the already dependable treads.

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