Accidents involving stairs are a common occurrence around the world. In buildings where steps do not have proper grips, the potential for accidents becomes even greater. With injuries that can result in serious harm or even fatalities, building operators should do everything they can to ensure the safety of those using the stairs and work to minimize their liability.

Stair nosing is one method that can be implemented to increase a building’s safety. Nosings are edges that protrude over the stair’s riser, and while they can be decorative, they are also frequently used to add grip to stairs in an effort to minimize injuries resulting from slips or falls.

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The Benefits of Metal Nosings

Metal stair nosings offer many advantages for both contractors and owners of buildings. Nosings of this type can be easily added to existing stairs with no need for major renovations. Because they are held in place by screws or extruded anchors, the nosing can be inserted or removed from the stairs. Stairs being retrofitted with metallic nosings require minimal work, resulting in cost efficiencies for the owner of the building.

Because these nosings are made from aircraft-grade material, they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, as well as high-traffic areas; non-corrosive properties of the metal will provide a long life span for the nosing.

Types of Metal Nosings

Many styles of stair nosing are available to meet your specific requirements. They include:

• Ribbed Bar Abrasive – The grip material is held between metal bars in the nosing. Its ribbed appearance is the result of alternating strips of material and metal.

• Inset Nosing – A single strip of material is held between metal ribs underneath, while the exposed portion is unbroken. This type of grip must be replaced all at once.

• Renovation Nosing – With the same style as ribbed bar or inset nosing, these treads are designed to be retrofitted to existing stairs without the need to replace the entire stairway. Simply anchor the treads to the stair using a drill, some adhesive, and screws.

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