Automotive Worker Safety

In automotive and garage environments, conditions can easily become slippery, messy, and hazardous, putting workers and equipment in danger. To reliably protect employees, prevent downtime, and reduce unnecessary expenditures, steps must be taken to lower the risk of falls. Depending on the specific application, stair treads, handrails, non-slip coatings, and many other safety features can provide reliable protection in these sensitive environments.

Series 700 Nonporous Stair Treads

Amstep’s Series 700 nonporous stair treads, for instance, provide high-performance protection, with both anti-slip and anti-skid properties. Originally created for mass transit stairways, these treads are durable and long-lasting, allowing them to withstand the heavy foot — and vehicle — traffic in automotive job shops and garages without delaminating or cracking.

Comprised of a specialty, anti-slip, non-skid formulation bonded to a heavy-duty extruded aluminum base; Series 700 treads are built to last, without the need for regular replacement or heavy maintenance. In the often messy environments of the automotive industry, walkways and floors can quickly become slick and dangerous; the Series 700 treads resist dirt, liquids, and common contaminants, such as grease and oil, and offer a fast, straightforward cleaning process.

Besides a single .125-inch demarcation line for various color options — either matching or contrasting to assist people with visual impairments — these nonporous stair treads feature a continuous non-slip surface with no exposed ribs. More than adequately meeting ASTM-D2444 and ASTM-F609 requirements as well as Federal Standard 141, Series 700 treads can withstand immersion in oil, fuels, and detergents without softening.

Several models are available to meet specific needs, in varying widths and tread thicknesses. Optional safety coatings are also available to enhance grip further.

AP 250 Coating

Amstep’s AP 250 hi solids-epoxy anti-slip coating provides further protection for workers and equipment. AP 250 is a two-component, fast curing, low V.O.C. (volatile organic content), coating specifically designed for heavy-traffic areas, whether pedestrian, vehicular, or both. For use in slippery environments, this coating can be easily applied to stair treads and other equipment with little downtime, making it ideal for the often hectic environments of automotive shops.

With a V.O.C. of 248 grams/liter, AP 250 is also often used in marine environments to reduce the risk of slips and falls. This coating easily meets both ADA and OSHA requirements for a safe friction coefficient.

Working with Amstep

In the automotive industry, safety is essential. Amstep understands the unique hazards encountered in this sector and is dedicated to providing reliable, easy-to-install solutions to protect workers, equipment, and your bottom line. For over a hundred years, we’ve been helping companies maintain optimal safety in their facilities without sacrificing time or incurring steep costs. Our solutions can be used in both full-scale construction work and small or single-piece projects alike.

To keep learning about our wide selection of safety products, including anti-slip stair nosing, high-visibility treads, and other anti-slip coatings, visit our Products catalog. Or, to speak directly with an expert about how we can help with your specific facility needs, contact the team today.