Stairs can pose a potential safety risk in any type of building. A large number of falls involving stairs occur every year, and the injuries can range from minor to serious with some even resulting in fatalities. With the potential for such injuries, building operators are looking to increase the safety of their stairs and ensure that the risks are minimized for those who use the stairs in their buildings.

Stair treads for concrete applications are one of the ways to help increase the safety of stairs. Residential, industrial, retail, office buildings, along with others can all benefit from the use of these stair safety parts. The combination of durability, customization options, and ease of installation make this material an excellent choice for building operators.

• Easy Installation – Using non slip stair treads on concrete stairs allows for a more cost-efficient means of construction and renovation of stairs in a building. Because the treads can be pressed into wet cement, installation is as easy as positioning the treads and allowing time for the concrete to set. When renovating an old staircase, the treads can be simply drilled and anchored onto each step.

• Customization – Stair treads can be fabricated to meet the exact measurements and requirements of a building. In the case of a new building or renovations to existing ones, each tread will be custom-made to fit the application for which it is required.

• Durability – Concrete can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications. Adding metal stair treads will not only increase safety, but also durability. These materials can stand up to both environmental factors and heavy traffic and may be able to support heavier loads than other materials.

• Maintenance – Maintaining concrete stairs is a relatively simple matter and can be fitted with a variety of options such as nosings, anti-slip paint and other options to make the stair safer for use. Damaged parts can be easily replaced using new metal treads made to the same standards as the originals.

Concrete stair treads are a cost-effective means of improving the safety of any building. Quick installation ensures that replacing stairs will not cause disruption to a building, while their easy maintenance and durability means a long life, saving money for the building operator.

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