Steps are a fact of everyday life and are often taken for granted. Many injuries can occur every year from slip and falls involving stairs, and often, those injuries can be serious. Increasing the safety of stairs is an important consideration for building owners, particularly if those stairs are in high-traffic or outdoor areas.

When concrete steps are exposed to the elements, rain, ice and snow can pose significant hazards, and a concrete stair nosing can be used to help minimize the risk of a person slipping and falling. Likewise, areas that experience heavy traffic are likely to be the sites of injuries because of the number of people that use the stairs on a daily basis. Concrete stairs can be particularly unforgiving during an accident, and treads can be installed to reduce the risks.

Types of Nosings

The type of stair nosing used for concrete application will depend on the location and traffic of the stairs. Concrete stair nosing is an ideal solution for stairs that experience heavy use or exposure to the outdoors. Schools, public buildings, and subways can all benefit from the use of cast nosings.

• Custom-Made – Nosings for concrete stairs are custom fabricated to fit the shape of the stair. With, height and length are all created to specification, and they come ready to install on either new stairs or already existing ones.

• Easy Installation – Stairwells do not need to be placed out of use for long periods of time to install nosings. Basic preparation and tools are all that are needed before installation, providing an efficient process that does not involve extended closures.

• Long Life – Made from heavy-duty material like aircraft-grade aluminum, these nosings are designed to take heavy use. The metal nosing contains non-corrosive properties that prevent it from wearing down.

• Variety – Many types of material can be used for nosings on concrete stairs. High visibility colors, or material that becomes luminescent when a light source is removed are options that add to the safety features of your stairs.

Amstep Products provides a multitude of different options when it comes to stair safety parts. Take a look at our product catalog or contact one of our representatives for help in choosing the right parts for your project!