Case Study


Location: Bridgeport, CT


Housatonic Community College is a popular and successful school with a large commuter presence. The stairs in their main parking garage had fallen on hard times and where an issue on some trips and falls for their students. Pouring new steps would be costly and inconvenient project but the stairs needed to be addressed.


A sample of Amstep Model #511A was all it took to convince school administrators and maintenance workers they had found their solution. A successful flooring contractor was chosen to install the treads after repairing the stair surfaces and the stairs were fixed at a fraction of the cost of demolition and repouring. Students now have safe non slip stairs to use as they commute to and from their school of higher education.

Products Used

Item # 511A Anti-Slip Safety Stair Treads
  • 11″ wide
  • For renovating any concrete, wood, metal or terrazzo stairs.
  • Tread 9/32″ thick. Lip 1 1/8″ from underside
  • Back edge beveled
Item # 511A Anti-Slip Safety Stair Treads
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