Stair nosings are anti-slip components that builders apply to the front edge of the stair. Most building codes across the country require industrial, public, and commercial stairway to have stair nosings installed on both interior and exterior stair cases.

Stair nosings are intended to maximize ease of use and optimize safety on all stairways. They come with a number of benefits that help avoid human injury and safeguard businesses from liability issues. Below, we’ve outlined a few of the benefits that metal stair nosings bring to buildings across the U.S. 

Safety Benefits of Stair Nosings

Metal stair nosings offer a myriad of safety benefits to both staff and visitors alike. Stair nosings provide individuals with a slip resistant surface area at the front of each step when they’re climbing or descending stairways. When using stairs the ball of the foot usually is in contact with the front portion of a step. That is why most codes require a nosing for steps.

Stair nosings also provide traction when staircases are slippery due to water or ice. Many incorporate rough or grooved surfaces that allow individuals’ footwear to better tread on the nosings’ surface. This increased coefficient of friction makes the nose of the stair safer for foot traffic and makes them more slip resistant than plain stairs.

What’s more, stair nosings protect staircases against wear and tear. They’re usually made out of rougher material than the stairs themselves, which helps better distribute the energy from impact by footsteps, thereby diminishing the chance of the stairs’ edges wearing down over time. For these reasons, installing stair nosings now will reduce the amount of maintenance your staircases will require later.

Glow In The Dark Metal Stair Nosing

Why Metal Stair Nosings?

Although stair nosings can be made of materials like rubber, PVC, and plastics, using metal still results in the most versatility and longevity for these products. Metal stair nosings can resist corrosion, temperature fluctuations, and impacts much better than other materials, and they also can provide excellent non-slip properties in even the most highly trafficked areas. 

Metal benefits outdoor stairways that regularly come into contact with rain, ice, snow, and sleet, and it also works well in indoor applications. Metal nosings are easily installable and replaceable, allowing you to switch them out at will should any problems occur.

Metal also allows clients to customize the stair nosings as needed. Metal nosings come in a variety of tread sizes and types, and clients can choose from a wide range of colors to boost both the visibility and aesthetic appeal of the staircase. Architects can even opt for glow-in-the-dark panels for stairways in dimly lit areas, preserving user safety without having to install emergency lighting.

Metal Stair Nosings from Amstep

Amstep capitalizes on over 100 years of experience to cement its place as an expert in metal stair nosings. Whether you are pouring new concrete stairs, or renovating existing stairs we have the nosing you need. We build metal stair nosings from aircraft-grade aluminum that will stand the test of time without breaking the bank. We also can incorporate a wide range of customizable features, including a comprehensive color palette and glow-in-the-dark capabilities, to tailor the stair nosings to your requirements.

To learn more about the stair nosing capabilities and services at Amstep, contact us today!


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