Falls involving stairs cause a number of injuries every year. Sprains, broken limbs, and more serious injuries have all been reported after incidents involving stairs. In order to make stairs safer for everyone, building operators utilize a range of options, and the best one will depend both on the application itself and the budget needed to conduct the work. One of the most cost-effective ways to create a safe stairwell is to use anti-slip paint.

What Benefits Does it Offer?

As with regular paint, this coating is suitable for use on a wide range of material. With the help of grit mixed into the paint, stairs are equipped with much better grip to prevent slipping. This type of paint is suitable for various environments, such as locker rooms, factory floors, and loading docks. Like regular paint, non-slip coating is available in a wide range of colors to meet the needs of any application, including visibility requirements.

Non-slip coating is also easily applicable to many different types of environments, and does not require any heavy construction or renovation work. In order to install concrete stair nosings, stairs may need to be shut down for a period of time while the work is being completed. It can also involve a number of people, which raises the cost of the work.

With a non-slip coating, the number of workers required is reduced, and stairs only need to be closed while the paint dries. When the paint becomes worn down, simply repainting the affected area is enough to return it to full functionality. Additionally, non-slip coating can be found in many places, including convenient outlets such as hardware stores.

Safety and Flexibility

Non-slip coating’s durability allows for its employment in areas that experience high volumes of foot traffic, as well as light traffic with rubber wheels. The increased grip in your stairwells make it a safer place for everyone to use, and the ability to apply it to many different surfaces makes it a flexible alternative to prefabricated nosings.

To find out how Amstep’s non-slip coating can help make your stairs safer, please contact us today.

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